Post-Judgment Modifications

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When your divorce or paternity case was finalized, it probably met your needs regarding income and work schedule. Years later, however, you may have made changes in your life that have simply made it too difficult to make the payments or pick up your kids on time. The courts know that things change in people's lives. People need to move or they lose a job. Kids also grow up and their needs regarding time spent with their parents change.

If you need to make a change to your original divorce or paternity judgment in Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County or Howard County, Maryland, I can help. People have been turning to my law firm for more help with post-judgment modifications for more than 24 years. I know the procedures to efficiently move your petition through the appropriate county courts and I know what the judges will expect in the way of supporting evidence to make the change.

  • Noncustodial parent schedule changes
  • Decrease or increase of child support
  • Custody modification
  • Alimony modification, decrease or increase
  • Petitions for custodial parent relocation, for and against

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