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3 tips to avoid distracted driving

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents |

Automobile accidents can cause painful, costly injuries that disrupt your life.

While there is no way to ensure that you will never suffer an accident, you can practice strategies to be a safer, more attentive driver. You can lessen the chances of causing a crash and increase your chances of avoiding a collision caused by someone else.

1. Plan ahead

If you use a device for directions, program it before leaving so you do not have to look away from the road while driving. Preset your radio stations so that you do not have to search for something to listen to. Have any needed beverages open and within your reach. Make every attempt to prepare for your drive so that you do not need to take your eyes off the road to accomplish something else.

2. Put your phone out of reach

Texting while driving is selfish and dangerous. Not only must you look away from the road to type, but your attention is also pulled away by doing two things at once. Put your phone out of reach so that the option is not available to you. If you must have access to your phone to make or take a call, use a hands-free device. If you use your phone as your navigation device, mount it on your dashboard or windshield so that you cannot use it for anything else. Pull over and stop for any other phone tasks.

3. Park your car to eat

Cup holders exist in every vehicle so that we may easily access beverages when needed as we drive. Snack and food holders do not exist because we should not eat meals with one hand on the wheel and only one eye on the road. If you need to eat, pull over and stop for a few minutes to eat your food. It will give you a moment to savor your food and allow you to focus entirely on the road after eating.

Distracted driving means that your attention and focus are not fully on the task of driving. If you have passengers, use them to your advantage. Ask them to control the radio, answer calls or accomplish any other task while you are driving.