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Divorce may very well be the most challenging legal matter you ever endure in your lifetime. Dissolving a marital contract requires making sure that both parties are treated equally under the law and the best interests of the children are taken into full consideration. If you are considering filing for divorce, make sure to put your future in the hands of a lawyer who understands the process and has experience taking care of the details. It may seem as if you just want to get through it right now, but in two or three years after the divorce, your divorce judgment will still have a significant impact on your life.

As a Maryland divorce attorney with more than 24 years of experience, I can protect your parenting rights and financial interests. I helped hundreds of men and women through the process and have an excellent reputation for providing exceptional client service and responsive communication. I will keep you fully informed and educated about the process and empower you to make the right decisions about your settlement.

I have extensive experience in all areas of Maryland divorce in county courts throughout the Baltimore area. Call me for a free consultation to discuss:

  • Child custody and parenting rights
  • Child support obligations
  • Marital property and separate property
  • Alimony, spousal support

A Basic Overview Of The Divorce Process

Every divorce is a different and no two strategies for reaching a fair settlement are the same. Here is a basic outline of the process:

  • Either spouse retains an attorney to serve the other spouse with a formal complaint demanding a divorce, the reasons for the divorce and a summons requiring a response.
  • The served spouse retains an attorney to answer the complaint and the complaint is filed with the appropriate court.
  • The served spouse has a limited number of days to respond with an answer regarding the relief (divorce) requested. If no response is made, the petitioner will be granted the divorce for the reasons stated in the complaint.
  • The attorneys for both parties begin the “discovery” phase of the litigation, in which all relevant documents and financial information will be exchanged and reviewed to determine an appropriate strategy for negotiating a fair settlement regarding custody, property division, child support and alimony, if any is to be sought.
  • The court will expect the parties to seek an agreement through a negotiated settlement, which may include the use of an independent mediator to facilitate a resolution to complex or disputed issues.
  • When (or if) the parties reach a settlement, the agreement is submitted to the assigned judge for review and adjudication to sign off as a legal judgment which both parties must adhere to.
  • If the parties cannot reach an agreement out of court, or if the judge will not sign off on the settlement, the unresolved issues will proceed to court, usually a trial in which the judge or master listens to testimony and evidence as attorneys on both sides present their arguments.
  • The judge’s decision is open to appeal to a higher court.

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