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Although marriage is a legal contract, the courts recognize that a social contract also develops between the spouses. Responsibility to provide financial support does not necessarily end when the marriage is dissolved. Some form of permanent or temporary alimony may be a very relevant part of a divorce settlement or trial judgment.

Why Is Alimony Necessary?

In our modern day courts, Maryland family law judges typically do not award alimony unless under specific conditions. Generally, the spouse seeking spousal support must demonstrate that he or she will suffer a considerable reduction in income and lifestyle as a result of the divorce. Most judges prefer to reserve alimony awards for long-term marriages in which either spouse remained out of the workforce in order to raise the children and subsequently has no marketable job skills in the marketplace. In cases of marriages shorter than 10 years, certain forms of temporary alimony may be awarded until the recipient spouse is able to complete a formal education, find a job or relocate to another residence.

Although people generally think of alimony as support for the wife after divorce, it can be awarded either way. In today’s world, a ‘house-husband’ who chose to stay home with the children is just as likely to be awarded spousal maintenance if the wife was a high earner in the job market.

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