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When facing a divorce, one of the biggest concerns that clients frequently have is how the assets and debts will be distributed. Property division is a contentious matter that may have an impact on your life after the divorce. If you are dealing with a divorce and are seeking representation for property division issues, turn to me, attorney Leo J. Keenan III at the Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III, P.A.From offices in Eldersburg, I represent clients in family law courts in Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County and Howard County, Maryland. Call me at 410-970-4306 or reach me on my cellphone at 443-690-0572. You can also send an email using the contact email form on the Contact page. I offer a free consultation and am available after hours by appointment. Spanish is available.

With more than 24 years of experience, I am skilled at handling the negotiation and/or litigation of asset and complex property division matters.

Some of the types of assets and property that may be subject to division, under the laws of equitable distribution, include:

  • Homes and vacation properties
  • Cars and motor vehicles
  • Qualified pensions and 401(k) retirement plans
  • Stock options and deferred compensation

Valuation And Division Of A Family Business Or Professional Practice

When a couple is in business together, it complicates the property division aspect of the divorce as the question of how the business is to be divided must be answered. When attempting to determine the value of a business for division, I rely on the expertise and knowledge of business valuation experts to ensure that the proper value is attached. By ensuring that the proper value is placed on the business, I can take the necessary steps to see that you receive your fair share of the business or are compensated for the portion of the business to which you are entitled.

To further discuss your property settlement, marital asset division, business valuation or other divorce issue, contact me today. I can schedule a free initial consultation so you can speak with me personally about the details of your case at my office. Weekend and evening appointments are available, and my law office has access to Spanish translation.