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Child custody and parenting time is generally the most heated component of any contested divorce. Both parents are naturally very concerned about losing access and influence on their family. First, it may be reassuring to know that the Maryland family law courts are very concerned about making sure that both parents remain a significant part of their children’s lives. No matter how much animosity the divorcing spouses may have toward each other, the relationship between the individual parent and the children will be the primary consideration. In short, custody of the child will not be used as a weapon against the other spouse.

Remember: Custody does not mean ownership. The noncustodial parent will retain rights to a parenting plan and visitation rights.

If you are concerned about custody and parenting arrangements in your pending divorce or paternity litigation in Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County or Howard County, Maryland, call my office for a free consultation. I have been helping people reach fair settlement agreements in custody, parenting time and child support matters for more than 24 years. I understand what the courts expect to see in a fair custody arrangement and I work hard to protect my clients’ rights and family interests.

What If You Cannot Come To A Custody Agreement?

It frequently happens that parents cannot come to a reasonable agreement regarding custody or parenting rights of their children. If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations or mediation, the matter will go to a trial, in which the judge will listen to testimony and evidence as attorneys on both sides present their arguments. The judge will also call in child welfare specialists for additional input when making the decision. It is important to remember that the parents’ own desires and egos will not take precedence over what the judge considers the child’s best interests.

Some of the key factors include:

  • The age and gender of the child
  • The physical and mental health of the parent(s) and child
  • The parent’s lifestyle choices
  • A special emotional bond that may have developed between the child and one specific parent
  • The daily routine the child has grown accustomed to
  • Which parent has traditionally been in the role of the primary caretaker
  • The child’s preference, if the judge considers the child to be mature enough to decide

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