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Securing Retirement Assets, Other Investments In Divorce

In reviewing all assets in divorce, some of the most important are retirement and investment accounts. Whether your marriage lasted decades or less than 10 years, you have the legal right to retain some of these investments. When you walk away from the marriage, you also walk away with your fair share of assets. A skilled family law attorney who understands the details of divorce can be your strongest ally.

The Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, has represented clients in the Greater Baltimore area for nearly 25 years. Attorney Leo Keenan has the knowledge, dedication and assertiveness to help you. He provides one-on-one attention, listens closely and gives you the insight that you need.

Investments Matter And So Does Your Future

All assets that you accumulated during your marriage are subject to being proportionately distributed between separating spouses. It may be your house, property and financial investments such as:

  • Retirement accounts: This group includes traditional and Roth IRAs as well as employer retirement accounts, including 401(k)s and 403(b)s.
  • Stocks and bonds: These investments may have been earned via stock options through your company or by making individual investments to balance your portfolio.
  • Mutual funds: Investment firms offer these financial vehicles that allow you to invest in companies or governments without having to purchase stock.

It’s critical to understand that you deserve a portion of these assets as long as they were accumulated during your marriage. Mr. Keenan is thorough in his investigations and will do his best to uncover any hidden accounts originated by your spouse.

An Aggressive Advocate Ready To Guide You

Assets accumulated during marriage are subject to distribution between divorcing spouses. The Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, is an aggressive advocate for clients. Mr. Keenan will review your retirement portfolio and other financial investments to ensure that you get your fair share. He offers free consultations. Contact him or call his office at 410-970-4306.