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Prenuptial Agreements: A Significant Tool

Couples of all generations pursuing marriage may want to consider a prenuptial agreement. A marriage is a union in ways that go beyond love and convenience. In some ways, it’s a business partnership, too, as households combine finances, investments and property. You want to protect your assets, which may be a significant inheritance, your business and money accumulated before your marriage.

The Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, understands family law. Attorney Leo Keenan can explain the reasons for creating a prenuptial agreement, which ensures that nonmarital property stays in the sole possession of the owner. You may be about to marry for the second time. A prenuptial agreement allows you to protect inheritances for your children from a previous marriage.

An Invaluable Legal Document For Any Couple

Before marrying, every couple – especially the affluent — must have that sit-down talk about finances. You want to make sure that the two of you have similar views on saving, investing and spending money. When differences arise, however, a prenuptial agreement can be invaluable.

A prenuptial agreement can help protect:

  • The assets of a spouse who has significantly more wealth than the other
  • A spouse from having to repay debts accumulated by the other before marriage
  • A family business from imploding if a couple divorces
  • Inheritances for your children from a previous marriage

Attentive and client-focused, Mr. Keenan will help you protect what is yours. A prenuptial agreement is an essential document for any couple considering marriage. It can help prevent financial battles during divorce proceedings.

We Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Young couples with large inheritances or significant debt as well as couples marrying for the second or third time should consider a prenuptial agreement. With nearly 25 years in legal practice, the Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, has the knowledge and wherewithal to help you create this essential document. For a free initial consultation, contact us online or call 410-970-4306.