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Solving Legal Difficulties In Parent Relocation Situations

Many difficulties surface when a divorced parent seeks to relocate. Emotional and financial concerns come to the forefront as well as legal ones. The situation can prove challenging and problematic. Perhaps the father or mother experiences a job transfer or a spouse remarries and relocates several miles, several states or even several countries away.

This is a critical time for you to contact an experienced family law attorney. The Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, has been helping clients for nearly 25 years of experience. Attorney Leo Keenan is a problem-solver, seasoned negotiator and experienced litigator. He represents parents who want to relocate and parents who oppose their children’s move. He will do his best to find a workable agreement.

Addressing Issues, Finding Solutions

Mr. Keenan and his team are reliable, dependable and experienced in negotiating new and updated custody agreements. He will explain to you that Maryland residents who want to relocate must provide a 90-day notice of the move to the other parent. He is understanding and can help determine what is in the best interest of the child.

Among the issues Mr. Keenan and his team address include:

  • The effect the move will have on the child: A new school in a new city means having to make new friends. In addition, the parent left behind will see his or her time spent with the child shrink.
  • Matters related to the new home/location: Many questions arise related to the livability of the new home and city, reputation of the new schools and whether family or close friends live nearby.
  • What the child wants: If the child is unhappy about moving, the court will take that into consideration.

It’s crucial to have an experienced family law attorney who understands issues related to parent relocation. Mr. Keenan knows the importance of a fair visitation schedule in relocation matters.

A Sensitive Attorney Offering Free Consultations

Tears and anger often arise when parents decide to relocate, taking children with them. The Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, is a family law firm that understands sensitivity in relocation cases. With nearly 25 years of legal experience, Mr. Keenan has guided hundreds of Baltimore area residents. He provides the one-on-one attention that you expect. For a free initial consultation, contact his office or call 410-970-4306.