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Helping Your Heirs’ Future, Guiding You In Creating A Will

There’s always tomorrow, or so you think. Procrastination applies to many facets in one’s life, and that includes estate planning. Many hold off on making crucial decisions in their lives, but distributing your assets after you die is one of those decisions that you don’t want someone else to do. An experienced and dependable estate planning attorney can guide you through creating a will.

For nearly 25 years, the Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, has represented clients in the Greater Baltimore area. Attorney Leo Keenan can help you assemble a will that declares how you want your assets dispersed. Without a will, the state decides who inherits your house, money, investments and personal belongings. Mr. Keenan and his team will provide you with peace of mind.

How A Will Can Help In Estate Planning

Even a 30-year-old millennial should have a will. But for the more established professional, a will represents the cornerstone of a complex estate. If you have a diverse investment portfolio, a will can provide direction that prevents disputes among heirs.

Mr. Keenan and his team can help you with many aspects in estate planning, including:

  • The creation of a new will or a simple will
  • Reviewing and amending any existing will when life events such as a birth of a child or grandchild, marriage or divorce occur
  • Naming guardians for your children
  • Health care directives

Client-focused, Mr. Keenan and his team are attentive to your needs. They will explain the options and which one may be the best approach for you.

Peace Of Mind, Free Consultation

A will can help you take care of your loved ones after you die. It’s important to meet an estate planning attorney who can help you create a will. The attorney at Law Office of Leo J. Keenan III in Eldersburg, Maryland, has vast experience helping people create wills. Learn more during a free initial consultation. Please contact us online or call 410-970-4306 for an appointment.