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What are the types of spousal support in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Alimony |

You can ask for spousal support in your divorce petition if you do not think you can support yourself after your marriage ends. In Maryland, state law establishes three types of spousal support, sometimes called alimony.

Review the spousal support guidelines in Maryland before negotiating a final divorce agreement.

Alimony pendente lite

This is a temporary spousal support arrangement lasting only from the separation date until the court finalizes the divorce. You can ask for alimony pendente lite to maintain the standard of living you had during the marriage. For example, you can use these funds to pay for a suitable residence until the court makes a decision about property division.

Rehabilitative alimony

You can request alimony for a limited time while you finish school or job training to become financially self-supporting. Maryland judges usually award this common form of spousal support for less than a decade, but it varies depending on how long your marriage lasted.

Indefinite alimony

Maryland rarely awards alimony with no end date. However, you can request indefinite alimony if you cannot support yourself because of age, a chronic health condition or permanent disability. The court may agree to award ongoing spousal support if your former spouse earns significantly more money than you do.

If you and your spouse established alimony provisions in a prenuptial agreement, Maryland courts will follow those terms. Otherwise, the judge will review full financial disclosure from both you and your spouse as well as other factors such as age and health status to determine a fair arrangement for both parties.