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How can another person’s drowsy driving harm you?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | Vehicle Accidents |

As you travel along a highway or back road, you may look around and see a vehicle near you swerving or acting strangely. This kind of driving can leave you worried and fearing for your safety.

Drowsy driving happens when the driver behind the wheel is operating a vehicle while falling asleep, which negatively impacts how they react to obstacles or other people on the road.

Unpredictable and odd movements

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, people who take medicines that make them tired can potentially suffer from this problem. You may see another driver around you that does not stay in their lane or stop at a red light.

Due to their eyelids closing and their minds feeling fuzzy, these other drivers are likely not able to concentrate on what they are doing. Driving while on medications that make you sleepy or without a full night’s sleep can also lead to people making strange movements in their cars that scare others around them.

Constantly changing speeds

Going far under or over the speed limit can also happen if a drowsy person is operating the car. Being unaware of how fast or slow the vehicle is moving can occur when a tired driver cannot stay awake. They may have blurry vision or feel close to fainting.

This can then lead to a car ramming into the back of your vehicle or sideswiping you without warning. Dealing with drivers who are too tired to operate a vehicle can potentially lead to a crash or collision, which means you need to understand how this action affects you.